Dr. Elisabetta Cicconi was born in Macerata, Italy, of an Italian father and an English mother. After earning her high school diploma in classical studies, she attended the University of Perugia Medical School, graduating with her M.D. in 1975.

After specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Florence, Italy, in 1979 under Prof. Scaglietti, Dr. Cicconi returned to Macerata and served as Director of her own private out-patient center for 15 years. During that time, she also studied Manipulative Medicine (school of the Frenchman Prof. Maigne) and Applied Kinesiology (with Dr. Meersmann in Milan). As her interest in Holistic Medicine grew, Dr. Cicconi was attracted by the newly emerging "Energy Science" and in 1993 moved to NY to study under Barbara Brennan. In New York she attended the psychotherapeutic course on Core Energetics under Dr. John Pierrakos (himself a student of Wilhelm Reich, father of modern psychosomatics).

During her seven years in the U.S., Dr. Cicconi completed a course of study in Biospirituality conducted by P. Campbell and E. McMahon and, through specialization and practice, became an expert in the conscious exploration of the "body-felt sense", a technique that allows individuals to both enter into contact with unresolved sensations-emotions that are blocked at the body level, and to resolve resulting stress.

After having completed both trainings BBSH 1997 - Core Energetic 1998, Dr Cicconi has been selected to enter in the teacher training program at BBSH and has been teaching for 5 years.

In 2001 she completed the three year program of the Center for Intentional Living in Psycho-Spiritual Development - and in 2002 she became training students Supervisor at the Brennan School.

In 1999 she definitely returned to Italy. She lives in Macerata and she works mainly there and in Rome.

Foreign people please note: thanks to this specific energetic training it is possible to do long-distance healings (always preceded by a brief phone conversation). The results are the same as face to face sessions.