From a physical - mental - energetic point of view

These ideas are a collection of data and personal intuitive insights that aim at a unifying perspective of the phenomenon of human beings and how they relate to themselves and to others in a continuing evolution.
I believe it is possible to integrate information from different sources and create links that provide a broader view of what we are and a better framework to understand ways in which we are evolving.
Some of the links I have created are not based on scientific evidence, but I offer them as one possible interpretation (fictitious or imaginative reality, as you prefer). I make no scientific pretense or claim in this paper, although I will try to adhere to actual data as much as possible.
My intention is to present a general overview of the human system as I perceive it by summarizing knowledge from different fields.


Since ancient times, human beings have worshipped the Sun as the great force that nourishes the vegetable and animal world (and perhaps the mineral world as well).
Inherent in our collective imaginable world is the belief that there is no Life without the Sun.
And given that this is a reality that we may not have yet completely understood in its totality, what I propose here is the emission of a coherent radiation from the Sun, as yet undetected, which penetrates the entire Earth field and influences our lives. This subtle, ordering force has an impact upon all the atoms and molecules and determines a more resilient-fluid-spatial configuration (with less resistance). This force acts upon the constant chaotic movement of any substance (at the electronic and subatomic level) attempting to raise the amount of coherency present in it so as to provide a means of organizing a better function in any organic or inorganic system. Each time this impact is integrated into any molecule or system, a higher level of cohesiveness results, increasing the relational possibilities of the molecules.
Could be this the determinant evolving factor that moves Life? [In my opinion, this could certainly be the first adjective that qualifies the Life Force as it is mentioned in "Guide Lectures" (Pathwork series)]


Giorgio Piccardi (1895-1972) presented a "Solar Hypothesis" when he published "The Chemical Basis of Medical Climatology" in 1962 [-American Lectures in Living Chemistry - Charles C. Thomas Publ. - Springfield In.-USA.]
In this monograph, he presents the possibility that the Sun and the entire solar system move in the direction of Hercules Constellation in a uniform - linear -- movement. The Earth, meanwhile, spinning on its own axis, rotates around the Sun (Copernican theory).
Yet the combination of the Earth rotating around the Sun and the Sun moving towards Hercules constellation suggests a third movement to be considered: the Earth, following the Sun, produces an helicoidal movement in relation to the Galaxy. (Like an infinite movement in which the earth never returns to a previous position. Thus, it receives a constant and different influence from the universe).
This movement, from Piccardi's perspective, could be responsible for the variation of the seasons from a magnetic and electromagnetic point of view. (It should be remembered that any movements in interstellar space generate frozen magnetic fields).
In addition to this first hypothesis, Piccardi begins to correlate the properties of water (its chemical and stereostructural composition) with possible solar influences.
His studies led a group of researchers to meet and found an International Committee for the research and study of Environmental Factors (CIFA/ICEF- Universitì Libre de Bruxelles-50 av. F. Roosevelt (C.P. 196) 1050 Bruxelles (CIFA -news).
An important event was the 1993 Pushkin Symposium, during which a paper on "Relations of biological and physicochemical processes with solar activity and other environmental factors" was presented (Abstracts of the International Symposium Pushkin 1993- Institute of Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences- Moscow Region).
The principal theory proposed that water has many unique properties including the possibility that it may be affected by electromagnetic fields of low intensity. (Sensitivity that generates fluctuating phenomena).
This theory correlates to Prof. H. S. FRANK's theory and model of the structure of the water. Piccardi succeeded in demonstrating, by means of chemical tests, that water can be "activated" by cosmic radiations and by the electromagnetic influx of low intensity present in our environmental space. In comparison to normal water, activated water responds differently to any spatial actions in a determined time, most probably because of hydrogen bonding.
Piccardi concluded that "the living organism (the human body) behaves as a 'universal instrument of measure' capable of registering the most diverse subtle signals with prodigious sensitivity". (We must remember that the physical body is composed of 70% water).
In conclusion, Piccardi presented a hypothesis that correlates the effect upon the body of cosmic radiation through its impact on intercellular water. Taking this hypothesis to its logical conclusion, I believe that solar coherent radiation influences our body-system: specifically, I am considering intercellular water as the system that responds to this coherent radiation (as the molecule that can be most influenced by long range coherent radiation).
[The phenomenon of the aura being recharged by 20 minutes of sun exposure, as reported by Barbara Brennan (Hands of Light), is an indirect confirmation, in my point of view, of the presence of this hitherto undetected coherent radiation).
( [The fact that the sun's action upon the energetic body is more evident than its action upon the physical body depends, in my view, upon the higher order present in the subtle body and the different cohesive force that influence that dimension of our being).


Here I propose an interesting parallel between Barbara Brennan's 4 Dimensional Human Being Theory and the 4 Fundamental Forces present in Nature: could a link exist between each dimension and one of the 4 forces? For example:

Physical body electromagnetic force
Auric dimension weak nuclear force
Hara dimension gravitational force
Core Star dimension strong nuclear force

By the word "governed" I intend as being in the domain of that specific force which orders and organizes matter according to its own specific laws. The four dimensions are held or surrounded by the underlining super-weak fifth field - GUTs - (or, VOID), as unmanifested reality). Interesting to know, the only force that acts on all particles is the gravitational one and the nature of force between identical particles is attractive, all the others are repulsive. (This could explain the importance to activate first the Hara dimension in order to align and synchronize the others).
I believe in the coexistence of the 4 dimensions, and that the 4 forces, working in unison (in synchronicity), manifest as a super-organized force-field which generates the phenomenon of "consciousness" (what we experience as the ability to self-reflect) which is the most powerful force present in nature. (as the Guide says). As yet, we haven't the ability to use the phenomenon of "consciousness" to its fullness, but we are beginning to understand its importance.
The linking factor between the 4 dimensions, from my perspective, is represented by the coherency model. As I see the entire human body-field phenomenon, there is a "cascade" of coherency from one dimension to the other -- or better yet, an inductive -resonance- from the field most in harmony to the one least coherent. (possibly from the physical to the most subtle energetic body and viceversa, though the latter path is less difficult than the former). In physics, the coherency model might express the unifying state in which energy and matter might manifest (ENERGY-MATTER: manifests as PARTICLE phenomenon; ENERGY-MATTER: manifest as WAVE ondulatory phenomenon, first duality at physics level).
Barbara Brennan's concept of the Core-Star dimension echoes Plato's theory as expressed in the myth of Er (last chapter of "The Republic"). My view is that the diamond image, as composed of "clear" or "shining" facets, may reflect one of the infinite God qualities in some aspects, while in others the facet is not yet clean. Our evolving life on earth is directed towards refining these facets.
The Hara dimension (a linear structure according to Barbara Brennan) presents its coherency with the 4 points in perfect alignment - ID, SS, TT and Ground without distortion, as BB has written in Light Emerging. The Aura dimension manifests most coherently when there is a full harmonic balance between the structured and the fluid levels of the field and in particular when there is harmonization between the 4th and 7th chakras.
The Physical Body dimension presents its most coherent state when there is a constant balance (within a certain range) between the 2 parts of the vegetative system (ortho and para sympathetic). Another important aspect is represented by the balance between right and left brain which we must reach in our adulthood under the influence of the electromagnetic force emanated by the heart.
In conclusion, I believe that each dimension is the expression of the sum of 2 different states: one expressing order and the other expressing chaos; and our evolution as a species is demonstrated by an increase of the amount of order influenced by long range solar coherent radiations.
Even if these ideas are vastly speculative, the basic conclusion upon which we can agree is that the human being is more than a physical body encapsulated by its own skin. There is a reality in which we behave as "open systems" in relation to external influences -- meaning that we exchange our luminosity or radiation while receiving energy signals from the nearest to the farthest source of the cosmos.
Thus we are beings composed of energy and matter, the result of a coalition within the domain of the four different force fields.
Part of this vision was presented by Valery Hunt in her book "Infinite Mind", in which she proposes the existence of radiation of very long range that influences the physical body. She also hypothesized the new emerging field of endorphins as the one that interacts with these long waves at the physical level.
I propose, however, that our "reticular water" or "super-radiant" water is the first system to respond at the physical level to this stimulus, thus causing an increase of "order".


Water is the most universal molecule present in our planet; there is no biological life without it. It is composed of 2 atoms of oxygen bonded by 1 atom of hydrogen. It is the only substance in nature to be found in 3 different states: solid, liquid and gaseous. It is also unique in that its volume increases when it solidifies (indicating a more coherent spatial order?).
Our knowledge of water's properties is still superficial despite the fact that this element is so universal.
Water is the inorganic liquid most present in Nature; it is both polar and polarisable. (interestingly, planet Earth, in relation to the Sun, acts as a dipole: reflecting the spiritual concept of "as above, so below").
The water molecule presents a very simple chemical structure, although it does contain anomalous, complex properties to date not completely understood. It is the only molecule found in 3 different physical states -solid, liquid and gaseous, depending on specific hydrogen bonding. According to Fritz Albert Popp, water acts differently in each frequency field of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Several models have been presented to explain water's many different characteristics.
A discontinuous model was proposed by Nemethy and Sheraga in 1962, in which only 2 kinds of molecules are hypothesized: those that are bonded and those that are free.
In a continuous model (Pople 1951), water is viewed as a gigantic "polymer" with distortions in the opening angle of the hydrogen bonding, strictly correlated to temperature.
In the discontinuous model, the presence of a hexagonal and pentagonal "grid" during a cooling test has been demonstrated.
In 1985 Smith hypothesized a water-model with a helicoidal structure: a quantum of magnetic flux determines the spiraling of pentagonal structures, thus generating an electrically propelled force. The current generated maintains flux and structure.
Yet another model considers the possibility that a central group or cluster of molecules with a pentameric configuration are then bonded in a dodecahedric configuration capable of arranging different tridimentional arrangements.
In addition, in 1988 Del Giudice and G. Preparata, from the Physic Institute of Milan, studied a water model which presents a phenomenon called "super-radiance". A group of molecules would be maintained in coherent phase by an electromagnetic field. The density of this field depends upon the length of the wave, and the water molecules are maintained in the coherent phase by "strong" hydrogen bondings. Contemporaneously the fluid -simil-gaseous -- incoherent water is responsible for thermic properties and solvation.
Other studies suggest the possibility of "strong and weak hydrogen bondings".
Using calorimetric research, the most recent theory presents a model of "hard and soft" water. In conclusion, recent studies present a view of water's structure in which hydrogen bondings are very important in forming an explanation of different configurations of the molecule, and thus of its different functions.
Another important consideration is that water can be present in different geometries of bonding ( mono-bidimensional structures in linear exameric and trimeric antiparallel clusters). One specifically presents the coherent state.
N.B.: There is a specific molecular stratification of water near membranes with strong hydrogen bonding (coherent water that adheres to the biological membrane as a thin watery film).
N.B.: For healers could this be the point of impact, or action, of the energy transmitted upon the physical body? Acting upon the thin, watery film surrounding the cell, we increase the energy flowing through the cellular membrane, thus regaining normal enzymatic functions (core star at cellular level). Is this the link between the energy world and the physical world.?
The conclusion is that this model of water supports the hypothesis of the presence of a thermoresistant percolative network which could allow for holographic instant communication in a thermal continuum between liquid and glassy states of water at low pressure. Another property of coherent water may be its increased magnetism in relation to fluid incoherent water: ( latest researches around water treated by healers ?)


As we know from archeological research, ancient Egyptian culture performed cranial trepanation without so-called modern anesthesia. This implies profound knowledge of the body and its function. There followed eras of obscurantism with a loss of immeasurably important knowledge about the physiology of the body.
Only at the beginning of the 15th century did men begin to perform anatomical dissections on human cadavers. As a consequence, new ways of examining body functions emerged.
For example, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) has left important drawings which document the connections of the heart to the arteries (the modern cardio-vascular system); this meant that in the emerging medical field the body was viewed as a unit communicating/ connecting through the circulatory system.
In particular, it is interesting to note that Leonardo's view of the heart was different from our view today. He wrote that he considered the heart the organ that supplies heat to the body, not simply as a pump, which is how we think of the heart today.
Was he simply clairvoyant in considering the heart as the central propagator of subtle energy to all the cells? My hypothesis is that Leonardo was right, and we must reconsider the heart's primary function.
When Leonardo spoke of heat, I believe he was referring to the function of transmitting - in the sense of charging -- electromagnetic energy and perhaps other kinds of subtle energies to the cells. According to Braunwald in "Heart Disease" ( Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine -1992) "the function of the heart is to propel unoxygenated blood to the lungs and oxygenated blood to the peripheral tissues in accordance with their metabolic requirements. Heart failure occurs when there is an inability to pump blood at a rate commensurate with these requirements and/or when it can do so only from an elevated filling pressure." This is the traditional medical view of the function of the heart at the physiological level. Yet the electromagnetic charge that the heart distributes to the peripheral tissues via the red cells is a function that I suggest links the energetic domain with the physical one.
We have seen that water is the main body molecule, yet if we consider the atom level, oxygen becomes the basic element present in the physical body and is the fuel for all the chemical reactions. It is a reality that when the heart ceases to function, we loose oxygen transportation throughout the body, and without the main fuel to the cells we become cold (due to loss of enzymatic reactions caused by loss of fuel).
Some interesting findings from the Atomic Institute of Vienna (Biophysic Research Group) have demonstrates the existence of single oxygen (metastable oxygen) that can present 7 different frequency ranges: 480-570-633-700-760-1060-1270 nanometer. It appears to me that it might be possible to correlate this kind of oxygen-state with the 7 different chakras or at least to hypothesize that single oxygen be considered as the main element constituting the auric body.
Also to correlate these observations with the phenomenon of death, we might say that when there is no more coherent energy distributed by the heart (zero point stops?), a disintegration process starts in the 3 lower levels of the auric field (as B.Brennan says) (due to oxygen changes?) and consequently affects the oxygen distribution in the physical domain as well. The entire auric field goes into a reorganization of forces and higher frequencies can separate from lower ones.
A parallel interesting view of the human body comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which speaks of 12 main meridians considered the main highways through which subtle energy moves in the physical body. According to this theory, there is also a specific connection between the 12 meridians with the 5 fundamental organs in the body, each carrying or being passed through by the same 2 meridians (example: kidney organ and related kidney and bladder meridians). In this vision, the heart is the only organ that relates to the 4 meridians: heart, small intestine, circulation/sex (pericardium), and triple heater. Also, the heart's anatomical structure - an organ divided into 4 cavities -- reflects, from my perspective, this energetic configuration.
Why is this so? There must be an important function to perform, otherwise Nature would not have organized itself in this way.
This is proof, from an energy perspective, of the primal importance of the heart in the physical body despite the last decades of dissenting opinion in medical culture which claims that the brain is predominant.
What does the heart need all this energy for ? I believe that we are missing the fundamental function of the cardiocirculatory system which will prove to be the link between the energetic and the physical domain.
Another characteristic of the heart is that the myocardial cells don't have normal thick walls but are loosely inter-connected and respond to a stimulus in unison with a huge contraction. This behavior, in my opinion, is very similar and conforms to a coherent state.
My considerations regarding this new function of the heart lead me to believe that we are failing to understand that during the passage of blood through the cavities there is an electromagnetic charge of the red cells which we might detect. Here I refer to the experiment of Valery Hunt in the MU room where it is possible to modulate the intensity and the ratio between the 2 components of the electromagnetic field. In these experiments, human subjects reported augmented motor coordination capabilities when the magnetic field was increased in comparison to a normal life situation. At the same time, an increase in the electric component was reported by the experimenters with an expansion of consciousness.
This electromagnetic property of blood has not been taken into consideration by the medical field, and I believe it may be the doorway to a correlation between the chemical and the physical domain in the understanding of the physiology of the human body.
The above considerations have lead me to conclude that the dominant opinion in the medical community about the preeminence of the brain (as the main organ in the physical body) over the heart does not afford a complete picture of our physiology.
The pathway from the heart to the brain has been considered solely as a descendant pathway. No consideration has been given to the ascendant pathway from the heart to the brain.
Another possible function of this important organ is that, from an energy perspective, the heart is the POINT OF CONVERGENCE of the 4 forces of the 4 dimensions.
From an historical perspective, we can note a progression from one basic idea in which the body is a sole unity communicating through either one system or another to the idea that the organism's entire communication takes place more swiftly and thoroughly through a system of coherent water.
We began with the discovery of the cardio-circulatory system as the transmission link. This was followed by the theory of electrical signals generated by the nerves cells and transported to the different parts of the body.
More recently, the last two decades have given equal importance to psycho-neuro-immunology, where cellular communication occurs in loco and at a distance through the secretion of hormones and neuro-peptides. Here the organism's response is slower than neuro-communication but of equal value. In relation to these findings, the latest discoveries show that the heart is also secreting hormones and influencing specific brain centers. Finally we are entering a time where the heart will be given primacy over the entire body.
I see a progression in our ability to explain body-communication. We began with the circulatory system as the key, progressed to the nervous system, then to the psycho-neuro-immune system and are presently at the hypothesized water-percolative system, which comprises an ever-increasing rate of speed of integration between the billions of cells that compose the human body.
This evolving view reflects, I believe, the parallel progress (evolution) of our consciousness, which increases the speed of self-reflection until one day no time gap will exist between thinking and manifesting. [thought-action synchronization]. When one day we will inhabit all our 4 dimensions, consciously, and will sustain the coherent state longer than the chaotic one, human evolution will be possible with less suffering and more prolonged periods of happiness. And that kind of evolution will be called spiritual enlightenment.