From the traditional healer/ hands-on-healer, to the spiritual healer, to the healer of the energy field according to the B. Brennan method.

The healer has always been considered by popular tradition as the person who heals through “hands on”, i.e as the one who “heals” by transmitting “energy”.
They are usually self-taught men/women who start working this way moved by the feeling that “something” emanates from their hands. They strongly believe that this action is a positive one and aimed at a good end: helping people to heal from their pain.

Sometimes this capacity is inborn, sometimes it is transmitted from generation to generation. There is a sort of transmission of notions, of wisdom which the apprentice manages to store and from which s/he develops her/his capacity to feel the energy flowing, to gain a certain control on it, to transmit it where necessary.

Besides, by going on practising, some healers noticed they could give advice and that, if they where followed, they were able to change the difficult situation and habits of the person in pain. But this aspect of healing is not common practice, therefore it has never being codified in a theory. The result has been a multiplication of counsellors without any awareness of the relationship existing between the individual process and the corresponding vibrations in the auric field .

The above one is a very general picture of the situation of traditional healers.
In the meanwhile, in the western world, methods of healing based on the concept of energy have developed and spread everywhere. On the contrary, in the Far East from the beginning of the past century there has been an attempt to recover a modality to treat a patient and to believe in his healing as the result of the Traditional Chinese Medicine which has always considered illness as the result of an energetic imbalance.

Thus the Alternative Medicine re-discovers an ancient wisdom, trying to give it new validation through a more rigorous, I should say almost scientific, approach.
Modalities passed on through the centuries in exclusive sects are recovered, old concept are spread around without any concern: I am referring to Reiki, to
Therapeutic Touch which has spread among USA nurses on a large scale.

All these different ways of relating to human suffering have something in common: the fact that they use the energetic field of the healer without a specific and competent knowledge of it, just using his/her hands as a means of transmission, in other words as a natural method of caring for people’s suffering.

While the Traditional or Allopathic Medicine undergoes technological development, many methods of Alternative Medicine ( nowadays better defined as Complementary Medicine ) are being recovered in the attempt to bridge the gap of deep incommunicability established between doctors and patients.
Within this wide field of knowledge including homeopathy, phytotherapy, chiropractics, acupuncture and many more natural techniques, spiritual healing,
in my opinion, should also be included.
Esoteric concepts are being recovered, such as the presence of an auric field ( or subtle bodies ) around our physical body; the theory of the seven chakras as energy centres of the human body is spreading in general culture.

The spiritual healer ( or prano-therapist as s/he is known in Europe ) is different from the old healer because s/he is better aware of using energy and influencing the meridians and chakra system, i.e. the auric field, of the person suffering; therefore no longer an “influence” on the other in a broad sense but a transmission of energy.
In fact the word “prana” in the ancient Indian culture meant the simplest elementary particle of matter in Nature, a particle, by the way, which physics is still trying to define.
According to spiritual healing, therefore, it is possible to transmit prana by taking it from the Universal Energy Field surrounding both the aura and the physical body.

An example of spiritual healing is given by Reiki: teaching is passed on from teacher to apprentice over a short period; the trainee acquires a particular state of mind meant to facilitate the transmission of energy, sometimes utilizing universal symbols.
In this case there has been an evolution from the traditional healer because Reiki has developed a system in which awareness is transmitted by using universal archetypal symbols having the function of activating or drawing to the surface some kind of awareness in the person receiving energy.

The great development in this field which in my opinion may be defined as “Energy Science” has been made in the past decades by the well known American clairvoyant healer Barbara Brennan. In 1987 she published the book “Hands of Light” and created a classification and a standardization of the auric field which is nowadays used by everybody.

She made this branch of knowledge make a step forward when she founded a School for Healers – The BBSH School – in 1983 where everybody would be able to develop his/her inborn high sense perception capacities while at the same time sharing a common experience.
This way she gave this field some sort of scientific validity by creating a common language and by allowing everybody to share his/her experience with others.
This revolution took place in a world which was, and still is, little known to the scientific world, also because it had difficult chances of experimental validation.
After a four-year-training everyone who has passed his/her exams can be considered ready to help people as s/he now has got an adequate technical-psychological training.
During such training one learns both the technical modalities to work on the auric “energetic blocks” and how to relate with the other’s process of expansion of conscious awareness.

Another great advancement by Dr Brennan was the correlation between the energetic distortions of a person and their unconscious meaning. In other words, our auric field corresponds to our mind, it is the seat of our emotions and thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. A well trained healer can much more rapidly perceive what is not yet present in a person’s awareness. S/he can therefore work on the aura or chakra distortions, thus making the unconscious reasons for our behaviour emerge, those reasons which prevent us from reaching a better quality of life and happiness.

A very simple example can be that of a person who is talking about his/her health concerns/discomfort without being in contact with his/her related unconscious emotions while his/her aura reveals an intense dark red colour, often a sign of rage,
or a grey colour signalling fear. The healer will then work on this knowledge so as to make the person acquire awareness of his/her blocked “childhood belief” conditioning his/her emotions.
Bright red is in itself indicative of vitality but in the above case the density of colour – dark red – will help the healer understand the real correlated emotion.
After becoming aware of the inner motivation for his/her reactions, the person can decide whether to keep such behaviour in life or to start modifying this unhealthy mechanism of reaction.
This practical approach to the aura or energetic field lets the psychological defences be by-passed as well as the resistance of the person involved so that s/he is led to confront her/his system of negative beliefs accompanied by their related unconscious emotions in a faster way.

The Brennan healer works in the present moment, that is with what can be perceived
in the aura at the very moment, attunes him/herself with it and helps starting the process of expansion of awareness. Differently from the psychotherapist, who waits for the unconscious material to emerge, s/he acts directly on the energetic block, thus reducing the time needed for this material to come to the surface.

Technically the Brennan healer can be compared with a catalyst: s/he connects the person with the Universal Energy Field without directly intervening on her/he system, i.e. s/he makes the missing frequencies available so that the distorted belief system emerges without any manipulation of the patient’s consciousness.

Any thought – both conscious or unconscious – which is not on the same wavelength as the Universal Laws, becomes, in the long term, a centre of chaos for a person’s energy field, thus causing a block to the normal energy flow; moreover it creates a decrease in the coherence of the system itself to the point that the body-mind system is no longer able to rebalance itself, thus returning to normality. It is from this imbalance that stress and illness symptoms originate.

The Brennan healer can act positively insofar as s/he in turn has been able to “clean” her/his distorted frequencies; in other words an empathic resonance takes place between the two fields and a transmission of energy is induced thanks to the coherent intensity for a specific frequency which is higher than the treated person’s.

If the healer is not “coherent” enough in his/her field, s/he will be able to transmit energy but not to make the distorted awareness emerge. Therefore, s/he will lead the person on a much slower path and, moreover, with no sure results. The danger is that, after an initial benefit, the unconscious forces will prevail, thus returning to the initial condition.

In short, according to the above expounded theory, while psychology tends to make the unconscious conscious, i.e. to increase self-awareness by keeping the final objective centred on the identification of the past traumas, Brennan healing goes further on: it tends to unify the split consciousness by experiencing the totality of the conscious-unconscious dimension while at the same time trying to help people understand the spiritual meaning of illness or discomfort.
The goal is no longer directed towards the past but projects itself into the future, trying to make people understand both the present situation and the meaning of one’s own life.

This great revolution in the healer’s world, this new way of fighting illness, is still little known and is not easily accepted at the beginning; in other words, it leaves people perplexed because, at least on the surface, there is no evident connection between physical or psychological discomfort and the very concept of working on a person energy field.
In our society the theory has not spread yet that energy implies, by nature, the awareness on which an expert healer can work.
S/he cannot always correlate energetic material and intrinsic consciousness, but s/he knows that, sooner or later, it will emerge. Practically speaking it is not important that the healer makes a general, standard, correlation but it is essential that s/he draws the heelee’s attention to what is, at that very moment, coming out from her/his sub consciousness.

A practical example illustrating this unified concept of energy-consciousness is given by Moebius Spiral, of which anybody can have experience.
August Ferdinand Moebius, German astronomer and mathematician ( 1790-1868 ),
gave his name to a spiral with a half torsion on its axis. If we take a slip of paper and keep hold of one end and rotate the other by 180° and then stick both ends together, we have built an example of Moebius spiral.

This spiral has many peculiar characteristics:
· It always shows one side only
· It always shows one edge only
· It always presents a surface which can be followed without any break in its full circle.


I also invite you to write, before beginning the experiment, “energy” on one side of the slip of paper and “consciousness” on the other. You will notice what happens to these two words which we usually consider quite different/distant from each other: they will always appear on the same side.
At a certain point in the energetic flowing, probably in the very torsion point, ( the point where the energetic forces converge ), this transformation takes place and energy becomes consciousness, and vice versa.

This Spiral has been accepted as a universal symbol of Transformation; for example it is used as a trade-mark in the recycling field ( which is more and more important in our age).
In my opinion it well proves the unitarian concept of energy-consciousness.
The specific spiral is an example of non-duality which shows how two opposite sides can create a unified state of totality.

The third-millennium-Brennan-healer is an expert at working on the auric field;
s/he is no longer just a channel for energy. Besides s/he integrates her/his technical knowledge with psychological mastery in order to be able to intervene on people’s lives with professional competence while, at the same time, basically going on using the hands on method.
The old gesture takes then a deeper, broader meaning; it becomes an empathic relationship with the other, who is no longer seen only as a suffering person but also as a human being with whom to share and accept “good and bad” and “ the ups and downs” of everyday life.
A “sacred space” is created which consists of real presence, of real communication open to the acceptance of the other’s shadow ( i.e. unconscious material ) without being afraid of it, on the contrary, inviting it to the Light of Transformation.

To conclude, this is my way of viewing the healers world and their way of working.
The purpose of this article is to divulge the rapid evolution which has taken place in this field.
The easy, practical example given above allows everybody to understand the core of this new theory produced by the Brennan School, while, at the same time, inviting all those people who have some high sensitivity to develop and master their capacities in a scientific way