The primordial wound is made up of the complex trauma which comes about in the very early years of our life, starting from and including the period of gestation.

It is a trauma which we all undergo, which repeats itself in various instances during the first years of growth, is spaced out in time. It has several aspects which group together to become fixed traits of our personality, traceable for the rest of our lives.

The trauma establishes itself due to an immaturity of our “living system”, made up, from an esoteric-spiritualist point of view, of both the physical being and of the aura or energetic field.

Whilst almost all animal species give birth to offspring which are capable of looking after themselves and walking, the “man cub” is born immature, and despite nine months of gestation still requires a long period of looking after.


In her book Hands of Light (1987) the clairvoyant Dr. Barbara Brennan states that man is born without a protective screen around his chakras, which are practically exposed to all stimuli form the outside world (eg. Intensity of light, of sounds) which cause vibrations in the energetic field if particularly intense.

In the energetic field the chakras can be considered as superior organs which have the function of absorbing and giving out energy (similar to the basic nutrition of the organism). This energy is called in various ways: Prana – Chi – Orgone, but is always the same thing: a basic energetic form which feeds the system itself and that physics have not yet quantified.

The chakras, progressively maturing, form a protective network – like a screen – and filter the infinity of frequencies arriving from the universal Energetic Field.

In this way the identified system can interact with the energetic world around it without suffering from the excessive stimuli and evolving towards an ever more complex equilibrium in a non-traumatic manner.

During childhood, up to 7 years of age, (the end of the growth of the protective screens) the energetic field of the child is exposed to all of the vibrations emitted by the Universal Field, having as its sole form of protection its parents' aura or that of an adult who looks after the child.

In this period of time the child's energetic-physical system can be subject to intense stimulation, even if the child is left alone for just a few minutes and is often unable to metabolize the excess energy absorbed, and consequently distortions in certain frequencies form and give rise to a block in a specific area of the aura.

The formation of an energy block will be source of perturbation of the normal flow in the energetic field and in turn will give rise to a second perturbation in the corresponding area of the physical body until it forms an illness. This can come about even after several years.

This sequence of traumatic events does not generally impede a good level of health as the capabilities of auto-regulation and rebalancing of the internal homeostatic system are remarkable.

In a situation of normal health, energy moves within the field from a superior limb to the contralateral inferior one, then doing the same on the other side thus forming a sort of spiral as described by Moebius. The characteristic of this spiral is that it has a torsion of 180° (which in man takes place at the level of the heart) thus always having the same side, and presenting itself as a manifestation of the link in the concept of energy and consciousness.

However, when the self-reparative forces are reduced, both in the field of the aura and in the physical body, a pathology in the form of an accident or illness appears.

In short, in this hypothesis a situation of extreme vulnerability of the child, superior to what we would assume and of which we are collectively unaware,

will require a different educative approach from us, a higher level of sensitivity in our behaviour towards the child in the successive stages of growth.

For the moment, considering our level of collective awareness, we can only begin to do something about this energetic disorganization when we realize that something in our personality is not exactly as it should be.

In this way we are working on the primordial wound albeit in the absence of physical symptoms, and preventing them from emerging; that is, practically carrying out the best possible Preventive Medicine. At the same time we are assuming the responsibility of regaining all of our creative forces so as to live our lives to the best of our ability.

What exactly do we know about the energy blocks that make up the primordial wound?

During maturation of the energetic system, which reaches its full potential around the age of 7, we have mentioned that some damage is done over a period of time: how does this show itself?

Generally it is perceived as a fuller or an emptier space compared to the surrounding energetic field. From that moment on a reduction of the normal flow is created, until a complete block is formed in that particular space.

With the passing of years the system is no longer able to maintain a balanced state between order and chaos which generates health.

We can hypothesize that some of the under systems which do not work will eventually degenerate to such an extent as to cause cellular degeneration, after which follows the illness of the physical body.

Only in recent years have we begun to connect the existence of the “energetic block” in the aura which we find in adult life with the trauma which happened during our childhood. We are normally used to putting together cause and effect only when these two things happen in rapid succession.

Practically, from all the traumatic processes which have made their way in during childhood, all that we can perceive in adult life is that some days we wake very full of energy and full of good intentions, other days we feel “low” and we do not know that we are losing energy from the wound.

In fact the system, unable to keep the level of coherent energy above that of the chaotic energy, is progressively drained despite its attempts to evolve towards ever more complex situations.

The tragic part is that we do not try to take care of this part of ourselves simply because we can not see it: the “auric” material is very rarefied, less dense, but however visible to the trained eye = clairvoyant. Waking up to this knowledge means taking the responsibility of healing this part of ourselves just as we would worry about dental or ocular prevention.

In the meantime the energetic wound sends signals to warn us of its presence.

As mentioned earlier, the energy of which the wound is made up is not composed of only material-energy, but contains inborn within it information of a nature of which we do not wish to be conscious. (we have seen this concept expressed in the Moebius spiral).

As far as this aspect of the wound is concerned, man, in his day to day life, can be compared to an iceberg whose surfaced part is the conscious mind whilst the part beneath the water is the subconscious world. Generally he lives relating to others only with his conscious part and he does not realize that all the time he is conditioned by his subconscious (he has automatic reactions to certain daily events).

The primordial wound, in the light of what has been said up to now, consists of conscious energy of an infantile nature, blocked in a confined mental space as far as the approach to life is concerned, and associated with an intense emotional experience which is just as restraining. It is the approach of a child who deduces from that intense stimulation that he is experiencing a negative view of some aspects of life.

This energy has little coherence, the awareness reduces the capacity of reaction to the events of life, and from this mixture an energetic block is created which, in some part of the aura, will interfere with the “normal-health” flow.

The presence of an energetic block will attract, over the years, the repeating of the negative experiences with the same emotion blocked; episodes which tend to bring our attention to focus on the wound (in fact, a mechanism of self healing is innate in us).

What is usually our response to these stimuli? We put into action various behavioural strategies:

1 – we refuse to observe the events that happen to us “reflexively”; we let life go by passively and we live in a state of ignorance.

2 - we ponder the events that happen to us and we put them down …to chance, or to the responsibility of other people; we live partially aware, victims of destiny.

3 – we ponder the events, we awaken to the awareness of the presence of the wound and of the way it conditions us, we begin an interior self healing, and we live freely and fully conscious of the reality that we create.

Only then will the wound lose its capacity of attracting negative events and will slowly heal, and will be source of interior serenity and physical well being.


Continuing in this parallel between energetic-psychological and physical wound, we must introduce some discoveries made by Neuroscience:

•  the concept of neurone plasticity.

•  The concept of cellular development.

Remarkable progress has been made in Medicine regarding the comprehension of what happens inside the human body and these notions must be acquired to be able to correlate the energetic wound to the physical wound.

NEURONE PLASTICITY, or rather the capacity of the nervous cells to go from a normally functioning condition to a non functioning state without losing their intrinsic vital force; in fact, in the meantime these cells remain alive and can return to a normal activity in the future.

Until a few decades ago a cell was judged to be either alive with a functional activity, or dead, and therefore in a state of inactivity; today we are revolving around this idea, and a third hypothesis is considered, wherein another way of existence of the cell is taken into consideration.

By amplifying our vision we can admit that a living cell can exist not only in a functional state, but also in a condition of rest:

•  positive state when the cell lives at the minimum of its potential but can express itself to the maximum when necessary.

•  Negative state when the cell lives in a contracted situation, incapable of expanding, blocked in its functional capacity, but in no way dead.

This state of pathological rest could be compared to a motor which is at a minimum or revs, blocked from its full expression, but not completely seized (or burnt out and therefore functionally inactive).

The condition of positive rest is today confirmed by the discovery in our blood of the stem cells; these are capable of developing and performing any function necessary to the body. In fact medical research is actively working towards finding a method of stimulating these cells to reconstruct what has gone missing in the body due to the ageing process: a sector with enormous future potential.

Therefore when we speak of neurone plasticity we are speaking about nervous cells which can be present in a state of rest – positive or negative – or in a state of functionality – positive or negative. This hypothesis offers more possibility of healing compared to the concept of either alive or dead; a part of us could be “partially asleep” and thus capable of being healed even after many years from the initial trauma.

Let us now consider the concept of CELLULAR DEVELOPMENT.

At birth the cells are ready to carry out their task, but not all are at their maximum development. It is possible to hypothesise that some are more advanced in their growth compared to others (as we normally find in the adult body), therefore the same stimulus will be elaborated normally by one cell, whilst for another (being in a state of minimum functionality) the experience will be too intense and therefore traumatic.

Cellular growth comes about through precise stimuli. But the way in which the same stimulus –eg. oxygen – is absorbed within the same tissue, i.e. a group of alike cells, is very different.

A cell nearer to an artery which transports oxygen will become bigger than a cell which is farther away from the artery as it will absorb more nutrition; but it will be more sensitive to a sudden lack of oxygen, whilst the remoter cell being more accustomed to less oxygen will suffer less from the same variation.

The desperate cry of a new born child which has sometimes prolonged moments of apnoea will determine this fluctuation of the oxygen supply and could be the primary event which leads to a block in the development of a cell, or of the lungs or even the brain.

According to this theory therefore, it is not the type of stimulus itself (sound, light, chemical) that determines the damage, but the intensity with which it is absorbed by the single cells and their response to it.

The problem is therefore in the perception system of the cells: in their capacity to react to a certain stimulus depending on their state of growth. In this case from a physical point of view we can consider the existence of a block both in the rest stage of the cells and in the active state.

This prospective offers to the psycho-energetic therapist the possibility to heal functional pathologies at a cellular level or to stimulate cells which are in a state of pathological rest (not ready to respond to external or internal stimuli).

Working both at an energetic level and at a level of consciousness, the psycho-energetic therapist will allow a quick revival firstly of an orderly and coherent energetic level in the system, and secondly of a cellular functionality which is more openly responsive to the various stimuli. All this, in short, leads to a retrieval of psychophysical well being.


We have seen how the wound is present in the various dimensions of our being: physical-energetic, but we must immediately point out that it is not present in the Core Star or Divine dimension.

According to B.Brennan's theory, man is a multi-dimensional being and lives contemporaneously in four dimensions: first the physical dimension – second the auric dimension – third the haric dimension – fourth the Core Star dimension (these last three dimensions manifest themselves in differing energetic forms).

The wound presents itself as a trauma or illness in the physical body and as a block in the energetic field but it is not present in our Essence. This dimension is pure Divine Emanation, and therefore perfect in its substance. It is against logic to think that the Creator of the Universe, perfect in all his various aspects, who has granted us free will as the utmost expression of his love, created us “imperfect”. The centre of our being is therefore a naturally perfect place from which the Force of healing of the wound derives.

The psycho-energetic therapist works on this dimension as well as working directly on the others. Through empathy he puts himself in contact with the Essence of the other person, stimulates the inborn strength and guides the other towards awareness both of the wound and of the strength that flows from it.

In fact the wound, paradoxically, allows us to experience both our fragility and our strength, from which derive the unitary experience of our humanity.

Each time we do not think of ourselves as all good, and we accept the negative emotions with the pain of the wound, we learn firstly to live with both aspects – positive and negative - of our personality, and secondly to transform the limiting conditioning of the primordial wound which do not allow us to achieve well being and happiness.


This, in short, is the message of hope which is inborn in the primordial wound. At the beginning of the journey the blocked emotions are experienced again; it seems that this leads nowhere, whilst the system is reorganising the energy to a higher level of order.

Slowly the repetitive traits in our behaviour which create unease and negative consequences become evident. It is at this stage that it is necessary to connect oneself with one's Essence and activate the interior strengths so as to exit the vicious circle of the old, harmful habits. If we have faith in our latent potentiality we will have found the way to free ourselves from the conditioning of the past. A full recovery gives self sufficiency and freedom from the bonds of the past and the relative dependency they create; not last it creates independence from the very healing technique used.

The task of self healing with the psycho-energetic therapist is therefore the most specific one compared to other techniques of approaching our inner problems. The synchronicity of the energetic world with the psychological world speeds up the process of realising one's problems and brings out the best in us for the recovery of our relationship capacities. Finally this journey also includes the “spiritual” aspect of our Being and thus completes the integration of all the dimensions present in our life.