Outlined below are guidelines for establishing a healing relationship between us and to clarify my method of working. After you have read this, if you have any doubts or questions, I invite you to bring them forward in our first session or as soon as you are aware of them.

Self Inner Healing requires that you take responsibility for your own life. In practice, this means to accept the idea that we are all responsible for everything that occurs in our lives and we take these events as lessons for inner awakening. We tend to evolve through an expansion of the consciousness of our inner world.

There is an old latin phrase “Experience is the Master of life”. This conveys the same concept. We progress in our own inner evolution only when we learn through self conscious exploration. We progress only when we learn not to repeat the same mistakes and to change behaviors that do not provide happiness and a sense of wellbeing.


  • Always telephone or email for an appointment
  • For people who live at distance from Macerata it is possible begin sessions by telephone, with the possibility of a face to face session in the near future
  • Once an appointment has been scheduled it is always possible for the person to cancel or postpone the session up to two days prior to the scheduled date otherwise there is an obligation for payment of this time. These requirements are to establish reciprocal respect of our own time
  • First session requires about two hours
  • I do not accept children under 7 years old


The first part of the session is dedicated to the increase of conscious awareness. We begin a dialogue with the intention of:

  1. Clearing any stressful problems currently present in your life.
  2. Secondly, we make connections with your physical body and any discomfort or disease that may be present.
  3. Thirdly to begin to understand what is the deeper meaning and spiritual lesson of the problem.

    This dialogue is like a psychological session, only during this time the healer makes an assessment of your auric field and related energy blocks.

The second part of the session consists of the energetic treatment. You lie down on a table, fully clothed and you are touched from the feet to the head passing through the main joints of the body. This treatment, called Chelation has the effect of repairing, rebalancing and recharging your energetic field. This energetic field is a part of your complete system and is made up of different matter from the physical body. It is more subtle yet is visible to clairvoyant eyes.

The body-mind system is an open one: adjust itself constantly to external stimuli that receives and has the basic principle to be in a “organic equilibrium” (Inner Homeostasis), thus tend to rebalance itself by its own.


The healer goes into an “expanded state of awareness” and synchronizes itself to your Energetic Field. Also connect to the Universal Energy field becoming like a “catalyst antenna” that transmits the necessary energy to revitalize your energy field. But as a catalyst does not take part into the alchemical reaction, just reduce the resistance.

In other words the Brennan practitioner is like a trainer for you the “long-distant runner”: helps you to develop all your silent energies so that you can find new solutions for old-unresolved problems.

Then the way you utilize these energies depend upon your free will, the marathon is runned alone!


  • The session in person is max 1 hour 15 minutes. Please provide maximum punctuality in order to respect the needs of the next client.
  • For long distance sessions, after the telephone conversation, you can lie down on a sofa or on a bed remembering first to cover yourself with a light covering (during the relaxation your body could feel cold). Please organize yourself with a timer that will ring 35-40 minutes after we begin in case you fall asleep.

The results are the same with both methods: at an energetic level the space-time relationship are different compared to our tri-dimensional world. It is only a question of convenience for you and trust in my integrity to do the work with you.


  • Before our session it is preferable to eat a light meal and moderate any alcohol intake. It is preferable that you abstain from alcohol completely.
  • After the session it is preferable to allow another 15-20 minutes before returning to normal daily activities especially driving.
  • It is important that you drink abundant amounts of water (no gas) for the rest of the day. This assists the energetic integration of the work due to increased elimination of toxins from your system. Do not drink any alcohol for several hours.
  • Abstain from watching any TV or movies with strong emotional impact.


Returning to normal daily life, begin to pay attention to the synchronicities of events that occur to you and attempt to make connections between the problems presented in the session and the messages from these events. Take notes of dreams, memories or reflections that may come present into your consciousness.

It is important to know that the effects of the energetic work are continuing in the days afterwards and have a long-term action.

Compared to any medical pharmacological therapy that has an immediate effect, the results will be evident perhaps weeks or months later and you may not make the connection between the treatment and the results.

In case of emergencies, I am available for brief phone contacts.


Following the esoteric tradition this energetic exchange has always been value as something that goes behond an usual service with a defined economical value.

In the Buddist tradition is present the DANA, a free donation that is the sign of honoring what has been received in accordance with the possibilities of each single person.

In the Christian tradition it is usual of giving an OFFERING for what has been received quantified freely from the donor.

In relation with these traditions I do not consider myself to carry out a medical activity, rather to practice a specific form of psycho-energy counseling, where regarding the economical value of what I am doing I give some indications between a minimum and a maximum.

For the first session, one hour and half, the corresponding offering is between a minimum of 110 Euros to a maximum of 130 Euros, while for the next sessions between a minimum of 60 Euros to a maximum of 80 Euros. Some situations may require intensive sessions, 2 hours or more, of deep commitment that goes from a minimum of 120 Euros to a maximum of 140 Euros.

I consider that with these indications each person has the possibility to adjust him/herself following personal resources in establishing the frequency of the sessions, weekly or bimontly, without a fix number of sessions; from my experience 3-4 sessions are sufficient to start to unblock old traumas.

Each person has endeed the possibility to notice the results gained from this work and integrated in daily Life. It is preferable to let me know when is the time to interrupt the work so to have a good energetic closure. I remember that this relation is considered from my side of highly respect, treated with deep reservedness and that will held “special” in my heart.